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A Global Media Revolution

Twenty-five years ago we had a radical idea:

Television could be done faster, cheaper and better.

In those days, all TV and video was made by crews: cameramen, soundmen, (they were almost all men); editors, producers and ‘talent’. It was complex, expensive and time-consuming.

We had a better way: give everyone their own camera and laptop with editing software and let them create their own content.

It was an idea that worked.


Introducing the Revolution  on C-Span, Washington, DC

Based on that simple idea, we started building TV stations and networks around the world – from Time/Warner’s NY1 to London’s Channel 1 to TeleZuri in Switzerland (among many).  But it was an idea that went far beyond news.  We went on to build the largest non-fiction TV production company on the East Coast (NY Time TV) and started producing thousands of hours of award-winning content for a fraction of the cost of conventional production.

When video came to the web, so did we.

We took some of the biggest names in publishing and broadcasting into online video by empowering their staffs.

When digital technology got cheap enough for millions of people to start producing their own content, we led the move to the democratization of video and television with Current TV and The Travel Channel Academy, among others.

And when iPhone video got good enough, we realized that there were now more than 1 billion video cameras and edits in circulation around the world, and we are leading the move to build the world’s largest global video networks.

iphone london live

London Live – Training print journalists from The Independent to make TV for London’s first local TV station

Empowering people to tell their stories with small digital cameras; replacing traditional camera crew with video powered digital journalists; taking the media to places it has never been before, we are the world leader in efficient and inexpensive television and online video production.

It’s fast.
It’s simple.

It’s cost effective.


Introducing the Revolution on Brazilian National TV – Sao Paolo



Introducing The Revoution – Keynote Speech, RTNDA

We run the finest digital video training courses in the world
for professionals and for aspiring amateurs. Both in person and online.

We’ve trained over 40,000 people and the numbers keep growing.


Our latest and most interesting venture – a complete online digital school, entirely done in video.




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