Rental Equipment

Don’t have your own equipment for one of our workshops? Don’t worry, you can rent everything you’ll need from us.
Rental Rates:
4-Day Course
Camera $250 (US) £150 (UK)
Laptop $250 (US) £150 (UK)
2-Day Courses
Camera $125 (US) £75 (UK)
Laptop $125 (US) £75 (UK)
1-Day Shooting Course
Camera $125 (US) £75 (UK)
1-Day Editing Course
Laptop $125 (US) £75 (UK)

The Sony HDR-CX580 tapeless camera provides an excellent high definition video that’s easy to use. We’ll provide everything you need for your video shoots.

Sony HDR CX 580 no hood











The Macbook Pro comes with the latest version of Final Cut Pro X, a powerful and easy-to-use editing program that will get you up and creating your masterpieces in no-time. Headphones and a mouse are included.




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