Clark Kent Quits Daily Planet – The Definitive End of Newspapers

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Andrew Sullivan, over at The Daily Beast is reporting that iconic newspaper reporter Clark Kent (aka Superman) is quitting his gig at The Daily Planet newspaper to start his own blog.

If this doesn’t mark the definitive end of conventional newspapers, I don’t know what does.

According to Mr. Sullivan, Kent is quitting the paper because it has become too entertainment -centric, and he’s starting a blog that will concentrate on ‘real news’, along with freedom, justice and The American Way.

(I always thought that making a profit was the American way).

In any event, if Clark intends to focus on serious journalism and hard news, I don’t think his blog has much of a future, not to mention giving up the rather substantial health plan that The Daily Planet offered.  (How many private insurers are going to underwrite guys who leap off of tall building? And his well-known sensitivity to Kryptonite is certainly a pre-existing condition).

However, in spite of his current fixation on ‘quality journalism’, Clark is clearly making the right career move, in light of where the whole industry is headed. Newspapers are as dead as the trees they are made from – and (to hearken back to an interesting discussion on Linked-in I am having), it is high time that journalists took control of their own lives.

If Clark is smart, and lucky, he should be able to parlay his new blog into an IPO in a few years, get out with a few million and then take that cash and self-finance the conversion of the Fortress of Solitude to a luxury resort like Richard Branson’s Nekkar Island, along with a condo development.  With that money he should be able to retire rich – unlike the two journalists, Schuster and Siegel, who invented him and retired broke.


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