'What time does class start each day and how long are the days?'
'What should I expect at the course? Will I get an agenda?'
'Do I need to pre-plan any of my shoots?'
'Can I bring a friend or family member with me to the class?'
'What if I have to cancel?'
'What equipment will I need for the class?'
'What if I don't have my own equipment?'
'I want to buy a camera. What do you recommend?'
'What kind of editing software do you teach during the course?'
'Do I need to do anything before the course if I am bringing my own equipment?'
'Do I need to bring my own footage for the One Day Video Editing course?'


'What should I pack?'


'Will there be a lunch break?'
'When are lunch breaks scheduled?'
'Can I bring snacks to eat during the day?'


'Where can I stay during the training?'

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