Day 3 at The Guardian Masterclass Video Bootcamp

25th September

Images From Guardian Video Bootcamp in London

24th September

How To Start Your Own Video Production Company @Guardian

23rd September

More than one hundred people showed up at The Guardian in London for our very first HOW TO START YOUR OWN VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPANY seminar.

We had never done one of these before, but we had a feeling that there was an appetite for this.

How right we were!

Everyone in the media understands that we are in a unique moment of Creative/Destruction.

New technologies are rapidly destroying old careers.  Just ask anyone who works for a newspaper.

But where’s the Creative side?

It’s in producing video.

We live in a world dominated by screens.

The average American today spends an astonishing 8.5 hours a day staring at screens –

iPhone screens
Samsung Screens
TV sets
Screens in gas stations
Screens in elevators.

Everywhere you look, there are screens.

And those screens need video.

Lots of video.

And who is going to make that video?

That’ right.

Video making is about to become the single biggest growth business of … Read More »


24th July

I have been writing blogs for about seven years now.

I used to use a lot of pictures to illustrate the points I wanted to make.
These were mostly images I found on the web.

If I was talking about a ‘Revoution’ in video, I might use a painting of the French Revolution.

There was so much stuff on the web. All I had to do was ‘Google’ image search and there were the choices.

It made the pieces nicer to look at, I thought.

Then, about a year ago, maybe a bit more, I got a big, fat letter from some lawyer.  I was being sued for copyright infringement for using a picture without permission.

Well, needless to say, I took the offending picture down.

It didn’t make a difference.  I was being sued for $150,000. For my blog. For the picture on my blog.

(You will note … Read More »

Could iPhones End Wars?

17th July


The town of Portree, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland has a population of 2,149.

At the center of the town is a cenotaph, a memorial dedicated to those who have died in the First World War.

Almost every town in the UK has one of these (and you can find them throughout much of Europe).

Inscribed on the cenotaph are the names of the war dead.

In the little town of Portree, upon the cenotaph, are inscribed more than 125 names.

A terrible price to pay. Of the 557,000 Scots who enlisted in The First World War, 26.4% were killed. A whole generation wiped out.

Next month marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War.  There will be a great deal written about it.  There already has been.


The British journalist Owen Jones recently tweeted:

“If we mark [the] Great War in … Read More »

Robots Write The News

1st July

Pulitzer Prizes 2020: ” I want to thank all the little people who helped….”

Poynter reported today that The Associate Press will start using robots to write business stories.

AP will announce Monday that it plans to use automation technology from a company called Automated Insights to produce stories about earnings reports. The software means that “instead of providing 300 stories manually, we can provide up to 4,400 automatically for companies throughout the United States each quarter,” AP Managing Editor Lou Ferrara writes in a Q&A.

While this AP claims that this will have no impact on current staffing, my guess is that this will not last for long.

If robots can build cars the can apparently write business stories.

And if they can write business stories, my guess is that they can also write sports stories or international affairs stories or entertainment stories.

As any writer … Read More »

CBS is Just Pathetic… PATHETIC!

30th June


CBS News announced with great fanfare that their correspondent Margaret Brennan (above) had “Produced, shot and reported live from Baghdad!”

Here’s the story from Media Bistro:

On her iPad!!!

What an achievement!!!

The video is… in a word… terrible.



If she worked for me, I would pull her off assignment and put her through the 4-day video training bootcamp.

Any idiot can do this.

Any 9-year old can do this.

Yet CBS News crows this as a major accomplishment.


Beyond sad.


Just pathetic.


Because CBS News has the talent and the resources to equip hundreds of correspondents around the world to do this all the time every day.

And do it well (with a little training, which clearly she never got).

It ain’t so hard.

And imagine what a “Digital’ CBS News COULD look like.

Instead of a 1972 CBS News trying desperately (and badly) to put a toe (a very very small one) in the … Read More »

Taking Country Music Photography into Video

27th June

Guthrie Trapp in Video

There is nothing I like better than a chance to work with some of the world’s greatest still photographers and take them into video.

This week, I was priviledged to work 1 on 1 with Jim McGuire, a man many consider to be one of the greatest portrait photographers in the business.
His specialty, for the past 30 odd years, has been Nashville’s country and western musicians.
Check out his book, NASHVILLE PORTRAITS if you want to see some really great work.

Johnny Cash & Dr. Billy Graham

The advantage of working with a great photographer is that they have  an ‘eye’.

One of the great failings of television is that, even though it is a visual medium, it more often than not, does not pay enough attention to the visuals.
Often time, just showing up and hitting the record button seems to be enough.
Not always, … Read More »

Guy Stuck Alone In Airport Remakes Entire Celine Dion Music Video, Has A Great Time

18th June

The Huffington Post  | By Ryan Grenoble

Posted on June 18th, by Michael Rosenblum in iPhone Video. No Comments The Huffington Post  | By Ryan Grenoble

The next time you find yourself alone in an airport, take a page out of Richard Dunn’s book and channel your inner Celine Dion. Dunn, stuck overnight at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport, rejected the standard time-wasting techniques of reading and crying alone into stale Cinnabon. Instead, he let his inner creativity take the wheel — and it steered him to Celine Dion’s classic cover of the Eric Carmen song, “All By Myself.” With nothing else to do, he proceeded to film an entire music video in the empty airport. The clip features Dunn lip-syncing in a variety of amusing locales. One shot features Dunn grasping in vain at the woman’s hand in the signage for … Read More »

We Take The Daily Telegraph Into The World of iPhone Video

16th June

The Daily Telegraph is one of Britains foremost newspapers.

The paper was founded in 1855, and has been the voice of conservative Britain ever since.
Highly respected both in the UK and worldwide, the Telegraph is now moving into video as it
migrates online.

Two weeks ago, we trained the first group of Telegraph print journalists to add video to their reportage,
using iPhones.

It was a most successful exercise.

Immediately following the bootcamp, they headed off to Brazil to cover the World Cup.

One can imagine the cost of sending video crews to accompany them to Brazil.  It just would not have happened.

The great thing about iPhone video is that the journalists already have one, and they carry it with them all the time.

This transcends even small video cameras, which you have to remember to bring with you.

With iMovie on board, the journalists can then edit their … Read More »

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