We Take The Daily Telegraph Into The World of iPhone Video

16th June

The Daily Telegraph is one of Britains foremost newspapers.

The paper was founded in 1855, and has been the voice of conservative Britain ever since.
Highly respected both in the UK and worldwide, the Telegraph is now moving into video as it
migrates online.

Two weeks ago, we trained the first group of Telegraph print journalists to add video to their reportage,
using iPhones.

It was a most successful exercise.

Immediately following the bootcamp, they headed off to Brazil to cover the World Cup.

One can imagine the cost of sending video crews to accompany them to Brazil.  It just would not have happened.

The great thing about iPhone video is that the journalists already have one, and they carry it with them all the time.

This transcends even small video cameras, which you have to remember to bring with you.

With iMovie on board, the journalists can then edit their … Read More »

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4th June

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Creation Nation

18th April

Today, we are all creationists.

Not in the sense that you might think.

Not in the way that they think of this in South Carolina.

We are all creationsists now, or soon will be, becasue we are all in the business, one way or the other of creating content.

The warp and weft of our culture, the very fabric of our day to day lives, is now created by… us.

And pretty much all the time.

This is a very big change in the way that we work, and we are only at the very beginning of it.

We are, collectively, uploading 60 million photos to Instagram every day.

For free.

There are now 20 billion photographs on Instagram.  By far the world’s largest photography collection, and all assembled at no cost.

100 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute.
For free.

Over 6 billion hours of Youtube are watched … Read More »

Elizabeth Piccoli – RIP

14th April

In her apartment in Milan…

I was a very neurotic teenager.


I spent years in ‘therapy’ with a string of psychiatrists.

I was also an ‘A’ student at Williams College.

So when I graduated from Williams, I won a Thomas Watson Foundation Fellowship (IBM).

This allowed me to travel around the world, all expenses paid, for three years, photographing.

Or at least that was the idea.

I got the check from the foundation, and a plane ticket.  At the age of 21, the only thing that was holding me back was my anxiety.

Which was considerable.

So I flew to Milan, Italy, to start my ‘adventure’, and there was greeted by my mother’s sister, my ‘Aunt Betty’.

She was a strange person in many ways.

I didn’t know her very well then.

Growing up on Long Island, she had gone to nursing school and married a doctor, Bob Huffner.

Together they moved to … Read More »

What Would Facebook Look Like on Oculus?

2nd April

It seems to be over here….

I just got my Oculus Developer’s Kit…
Between this and Google Glass, I am having a busy time with the new and explosive world of ‘wearable tech’.

Clearly this is going to happen.. or at least some iteration there of.

Personally, I think the guys at Facebook, having just bought Oculus for $2 billion (for a company that apparently has never made profit!) should get with Apple and get some decent design. This thing is like wearing a scuba mask with no glass.

But it’s just the start. And I am sure it will mature.

In the meantime, what does it all mean?

I think we are looking at the beginnings of an entirely new platform – VR – Virtual Reality.

Instead of watching a screen you are immersed into the experience.

But what does this have to do with Googe Glass?

To my … Read More »

Look Me In The Eye When You Say That

19th March

The videos above were produced for the GOP.

I think the idea was to make the GOP more attractive to ‘young voters’.

I don’t know if they work or not, but I can tell the GOP one thing that does not work
and that is the idea that the speaker makes no eye contact with the viewer.

This is a very old (you can guess what kind of person they hired to produce these –
NOT young and hip) idea in conventional TV:  “Don’t look at the camera”.

This makes no sense whatsoever.

If you want to make a point with someone, you look directly at them.

Care to try a little experiment at home?
Say something really important to your wife or husband or kids, but stare off about 30 degrees to the left.
Refuse to make eye contac with them at all.
Watch what happens.

They will either walk away … Read More »

A New Kind of Magazine Journalist

14th March

Last week, I found myself at The Oval, in London.

As an American, I had no idea what “The Oval” was, but as soon as I told the taxi driver he knew. “Cricket!” he said.

For me, “cricket” goes with Jiminy, but as anyone in the UK knows, The Oval, now known as The Kia Oval, thanks to commercial sponsorship, is an international cricket ground in Kennington, London. Cricket the game, not the insect.

I was at The Oval to teach the staff of The Cricketer Magazine to shoot video on their iPhones.

The Cricketer is a monthly English cricket magazine, founded in 1921 by Sir Pelham Walker, the ex-England captain turned writer. It’s a print publication, and has been for more than 90 years.

But we don’t live in a world of print anymore; we live in a world of screens. The average American (and the average … Read More »

The Power of Storytelling

13th March

There is no point in taking all the time and effort required to find, shoot, script and edit a video piece if in the end no one wants to watch it.

You may start with a great opening shot, once the impact of that is gone, what is the motivation for someone to stick with the story until the end?

If you’re counting on the ‘importance’ of the information you are offering, forget it.

How many times have you started a video and then dumped out because it was ‘boring’?  A lot of the time?  Most people do.
What holds people’s attention in a video or a film (or a novel for that matter) is what we call Arc of Story.
A hook in the beginning and a reason to stay until the end.
This, plus a great character are the pillars of great storytelling, and … Read More »

First Google Glass Master Class at Guardian

5th March

More than 70 people turned out to see ‘Glass’

LONDON:  Last night we ran the first Google Glass Master Class with The Guardian newspaper in London, at their offices.

Glass, for those who are not yet familiar with it, is Google’s latest and most interesting piece of new technology.

It is called ‘wearable tech’, that is, you wear it.  They are, at first glance, a pair of glasses that have a small camera/screen combination built into them that hangs in front of your eye.


They are still in a kind of beta test phase.  Only 10,000 have been sold to a group of Google Glass Explorers. You have to apply for the opportunity.

Having been an Explorer now for several months, I think I can fairly say that this is going to happen.

The best way to explain this is to say that this is like … Read More »

Seeing The World Through Glass

20th February

Next week I am going to give a series of seminars on Google Glass in London.
(Feel free to attend!)

In order to get ready for this, I have been wearing (using?) Glass for the past two months.

It is an ‘interesting’ experience. And, while you can’t get Glass yet (unless you are an ‘explorer’ and want to pay $1500), there are now, apparently, a plethora of competitors and imitators in the works. I expect that within the next year or two we are going to see lots of ‘Glass’ and similar devices.

Based on my own experiences, this is going to be big. Very big. And I am not sure as to what the ramification of all this will be. There are lots of privacy issues, (among other things) that the introduction and adoption of Glass and its like are going to raise.

First, … Read More »

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