Jiro Dreams of Sushi

15th October

Last night we watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a documentary film produced by David Gelb.

We watched the film on the recommendation of Brett Savaglio, our new Director of Social Media here at

It was a good recommendation.

Of course, Brett also suggested Moonrise Kingdom, so you can’t trust everything he says

But you can trust this one.

It is a lovely film, the story of Jiro Ono, who runs a 9-seat sushi restaurant in a subway station in the Ginza district of Tokyo.  What makes Ono and his small sushi stall unique is that he is the only sushi chef (and doubtless the only 9-seat restaurant in a subway station) to have been awarded the presitgious 3-star Michelin rank – an honor usuall reserved for places like Jean Georges or Pre Catlan.

What makes the sushi so good is Ono’s sheer dedication to the … Read More »

Can You Really Make A Living With A YouTube Channel?

11th October

*that means you can make $23,000 a month if you own one of the most successful .1% of Youtube content partner channels



Everyone knows that television and video are going to migrate to the web.

The big question is not if, but rather when.. and maybe how.

One of the first platforms open to everyone is Youtube.

Which is now launching channels.

Does this work? Meaning, can you earn a living doing this?

The jury, which used to be out, seems to be coming back from lunch.

Sam Morgan Moore, a professional photographer and videograher in the UK sent me a very interesting linke to Daily Dot Infographic which attempts to answer this question.

Like I said, it’s a mixed bag.

Youtube has over 1 million ‘content partners’ accepting advertising. Of these, OpenSlate took a look at the ‘Top 1000″ channels.

They aggregate 11.3 Billion views a month. That is a … Read More »

Newspaper Video Goes Boldly Into The 1990s in 2012

9th October


Now, don’t get me wrong.

I like the Nieman Journalism Lab.

I respect them.

So this is not about them.

This is about a piece Bryan Murley just sent me in my email.

It is entitled:

It’s all about how newspapers are ‘finally’ getting the hang of video… in the year 2012. (2012!)

This is like saying commercial airlines are finally getting the hang of jet engines in 2012.

(“We tried one the other day”, said Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Atlantic. “It was an interesting experiment. We put one on one of our trans-atlantic prop planes to see how it worked out.  Three dependable prop engines and one jet.  It was great. We even ran it for 20 minutes! Wow! There’s a lot of potential here”)

I am just shocked to read this article.

First, that this is even considered worthy of print or in some way ‘ground breaking’.

The headline … Read More »

YouTube Adds 50 Channels – Is This Really What We Need?

8th October

The New York Times reports today that YouTube is going to add another 50 channels to the 100 video channels it already has.

While this makes YouTube look more and more like Time/Warner Cable Service instead of the ecclectic online video site it began as is somewhat besides the point.

What is interesting here, from the point of view of content creators, is a) they are prepared to spend even more money underwriting new independent productions and b) their sudden discovery that, (gadzooks!), you can actually make content faster and cheaper than networks do!

““What we found amazing about the opportunity was to go from ideation to production and having content in front of our fan base in a ridiculously short amount of time, and content that’s produced at television-level quality,” said Peter Levin, chief executive of Nerdist Industries.”

Really Peter?

What a discovery!

Of course, … Read More »

The 500 Year Media Storm – What Happens Now?

7th October

That’s all there is….

This is the Monastery at Dale Abbey in England.

Or at least all that’s left of it.

Monasteries were big business in the 15th Century, at least until Henry VIII got hold of them.

When he was done, they looked like the above.

Before Henry though, it was a very different story.

Monasteries were where the Monks hung out.  And the Monks worked for the Pope.  And the Pope ran the Catholic Church. And the Catholic Church was all that there was.

All that there was.

The Catholic Church, under the leadership of the Pope in Rome was the repository and source of all (ALL!) science, teaching, commerce, religion, politics, money, writing, ideas, publishing and just about everything else.

You can think of the 15th Century Church as a kind of combination of Apple and GM and Exxon and Harvard and the Pentagon and China … Read More »

Amateur iPhone Video Sells Hats – and more

5th October

This is the way to sell hats!

The video above was shot and produced entirely on an iPhone.

And not even by a ‘professional’.

It was made by Guy Hills  to help sell his invention – The Hanky Hat.

As soon as I saw it, I had to know more, so I wrote to guy to ask him how he had made it.

Here’s his answer:

Dear Michael,

I would be flattered if you posted the Hanky Hat video on your blog. Thanks so much.

I invented the Hanky Hat this summer as an iconic fusion of British head wear.

As you see below in the 1948 Olympics Handkerchiefs worn as hats were popular with the crowd. In addition it is classic head wear for East Londoners heading off to the seaside.
My version is a cross between Cricket Umpire and Cockney Geezer and can be tied in various ways. … Read More »

This is NOT ‘Backpack Journalism’

1st October

My old friend Jim Long posted this photo on his facebook page today.

Jim is the consumate professional cameraman.

He’s with NBC, and must be their best guy as he’s always on a plane, with the President in China or at the White House.

But Jim Long is no dinosaur.  His blog states that he is at the ‘intersection of old and new media”.

He has a foot firmly in both camps.

Note what Jim takes with him on a shooting trip!

(I don’t think this includes a change of socks).

Needless to say, I would rather just take an iPhone and an iPad.

But that’s just me.

That day will come.

In the meantime, I am writing a new book for Jim and the other pros who work like this.

Chiropractor Millionaire

The Knowledge – Shooting a London Video Story

27th September

The knowledge
We’re running our 4-day video bootcamp here in London in partnership with The Guardian.

Yesterday, former GMA student Daniel Houghton stopped by to say hello.
He was in London on other business.

Above is the piece that Daniel shot when he took the course here.

As you can see, he follows all the rules: Don’t move the camera, find a character, create an arc of story, have a multipicity of locations. He did this in two days – one to shoot and one to cut.

The story works.  Note also that he never does a formal, sit-down interview with Robby, the cab driver aspirant.

The ‘knowledge’ and the work necessary to become a London cab driver are legend, but Daniel captures the whole story here in just over a minute.

Nice work.

We showed the piece to our advanced group here this morning. Now, they’re going out … Read More »

Guardian Media Academy in London – day 2

26th September

We’re here in London running the Guardian Media Academy course!

Having left 85 degree weather in NY, the cold, wind and rain of England was something of a surprise, but did not dampen (local news joke), the enthusiasm of our dozen or so participants.

We’re also here because we’re in the middle of a competitive bid for a local TV station here. The government is giving out a dozen local TV licenses for broadcast operations, and if we can snag one, we’re going to build the best state-of-the-art, VJ-driven local station the world has ever seen.

Fingers crossed. We should know at the end of the month.

In the meantim, we’re busy training journalists from the UK, Norway, Switzerland and the US here at The Guardian this week.

We have another bootcamp next month in NY, and there are still a few spots available.

If you’d … Read More »

Guardian Media Academy Starts Tuesday in London – still time!

21st September

Close up on the hands!


We are back in England this morning.


Yes, it’s the last day of summer here in the UK.  But!  The Met office promises better weather next week.

And that’s a good thing because on Tuesday we kick off yet another Guardian Media Academy 4-day intensive bootcamp here in London.

We’ve schlepped (as we say in Blighty) a ton of gear over here – cameras, laptops, mice, cards.. so that you can get your hands on the gear, learn how to shoot and cut and head out to Greater London to make 2 films with us during the four day course.

The book is good.  The website is better, but nothing beats face to face, hands on for the world’s greatest learning experience.

Some of our grads have gone on to great success in the TV world.  One of them was just named … Read More »

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