Newark Star Ledger gets 7 Emmy Nominations!

Posted on February 26th, by Michael Rosenblum in Newspapers. 17 comments

Newsroom and TV studio…

Yesterday, the Newark Star Ledger received an astonishing 7 Emmy Award nominations for its video work.

These are local news Emmys, and this is the first time that newspapers have been allowed to participate.

The fact that the Star Ledger took 7 nominees, in a variety of categories, is a stunning tribute to the folks at the paper who only embraced video and the VJ model a very few years ago.

As we trained them, we feel a distinct sense of pride, but the credit goes to them.

They are the ones who took to the streets of Newark and New Jersey to report, shoot, edit and produce award winning video work.

Clearly, this is a major step forward, and a major acknowledgment of the quality of the video work at the SL.

We have always believed in this model.  What happens when you put the power of video into the hands of great newspaper journalists?  Clearly, the Academy agrees. Something great.

That this comes on the heels of ABC News announcing that it is going to move to the VJ model as well speaks volumes to those of us who have believed for a very long time that most powerful combination in the world of journalism is a great reporter with a digital camera in their hand.

Congratulations to Brian Donohue, Nyier Abdou, John O’Boyle, Andre Malok, Amy Nutt, Bumper DeJesus and Seth Siditsky.

Great job guys, really great job.


17 thoughts on “Newark Star Ledger gets 7 Emmy Nominations!

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  2. Validation is sweet revenge, Michael. I remember so long ago all the naysayers and ugliness, but despite all the arrows, you persevered. “Wisdom,” the Bible says, “is justified of its children,” and that certainly defines you. I’m proud of you and all your hard work. Congratulations.

  3. Just a clarification. This is the first year they combined the TV and online judging, not the first year papers have been able to apply. The Emmys wanted this to be a contest about the medium, not the platform and combined the online and TV entries during judging.

  4. yeah, too bad you’re stuck in the middle of the indian ocean on that 1st class cruise ship when you could be in newark celebrating!


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  6. How’s that job going Cliff?

    Any hire you yet?

    Didn’t think so.


    Emmy nominations!


    Local emmy nominations.

    Anyone who knows better, knows they are not judged the same as the national awards.

    They are a business.

    When fewer tv stations see the need to enter they have to find someone else desperate enough for validation.


    Soon to be out of business newspaper types!

    Don’t worry though!

    Cliff can give them all the advise they need about how it feels to be unemployed!


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